۱ بهمن ۱۳۸۱

Remember when they told you,

That they won't tear you apart.

Remember how good it sounded,

When they all promised life anew?

Remember then your only point of view?

That of an all-happy-ending soothsayer.

Remember the time you shone?

All that glittering and radiance that was once everyone's look?

Remember the truth? That was one and the same.

Remember all the subtleties of evil?

And the clarity of good?

All you had to do was to simply choose.

What moves you on now?

What brings your life into perspective?

What is it that you leave behind for yourself?

What will your death mean to your children?

Did you forget anything

Or is it just relativity,

That rules in the land till the Worm comes.

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